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Introducing Nissan’s amazingly fuel efficient e-POWER technology

Sebastian Partogi

The Jakarta Post

-  /  Fri, September 25, 2020  /  07:26 am
Introducing Nissan’s amazingly fuel efficient e-POWER technology

New frontier: Finally, the innovative all-new Nissan Kick e-POWER has been launched in Indonesia. (Courtesy of/Nissan)

Driven by people’s increased environmental awareness, electric vehicles (EV), which produce less carbon emissions than fossil fuel-powered vehicles, have become the new frontier of transportation, especially among urban commuters.

Indonesia’s environmentally-conscious commuters can now enjoy the sensation of driving an electric vehicle without the need for external charging, thanks to Nissan's latest innovation, the e-POWER system.

The car offers improved fuel-efficiency and produces lower emissions. Plus, by not requiring external charging, it is a convenient choice, as Indonesia does not yet have proper EV infrastructure, with charging stations still scarce across the country.

Nissan unveiled its new EV in early September. It was first car ever in Indonesia to be launched digitally on a rooftop. For the unveiling of the new vehicle, Nissan also highlighted its innovative technological features and how these features can benefit drivers, in terms of convenience, navigation and safety.

“Nissan’s rich history and DNA have been shaped by a series of innovations and ‘world-firsts’. Today is yet another important milestone of our journey. The All-New Nissan Kicks e-POWER's Indonesian debut pioneers innovative solutions for consumers who want to feel the sensations of driving an electric car in all of its efficiencies, without the hassle of charging,” Nissan Indonesia president director Isao Sekiguchi said.

“As a global electrification leader and big SUV player, Nissan has developed the all-new Nissan Kicks e-POWER as a reliable, sophisticated, efficient and fun supporter of those who want to experience driving electric cars,” Sekiguchi continued.

Environmentally friendly: The e-POWER system offers its drivers a 100 percent electric car experience.Environmentally friendly: The e-POWER system offers its drivers a 100 percent electric car experience. (Courtesy of/Nissan)

First of all, the all-new Nissan Kicks e-POWER offers a 100 percent electric vehicle driving experience. In its e-POWER system, the car’s wheels are fully put in motion by its electric motor, while its gasoline engine will only be used to charge its battery and connect electric currents to its motors.

The system makes sure the car will use its gasoline engine only when really necessary, thus reducing noise and boosting fuel efficiency.

The system supplies a maximum power of 95 kilowatts (kW) (129 PS) a maximum torque of 260 Newton meters (Nm), as well as a lithium-ion battery providing you a 100 percent electric vehicle-driving experience. Combined together, these features give you rapid yet smooth acceleration, instant torque, quiet cabins and superb fuel efficiency.

The car’s one-pedal operation also allows drivers to smoothly navigate crowded and chaotic urban traffic. The smart technology makes it possible for drivers to accelerate and decelerate using one pedal only: the gas pedal.

On heavily congested urban roads, this one-pedal technology reduces the need to transition from one pedal to another, making your driving experience more comfortable and fun. The one-pedal operation even makes it possible to drive your car in a sporty, easy and more exciting way.

Interruption-free: This car offers the sensation of driving an electric car without having to worry about external chargers.Interruption-free: This car offers the sensation of driving an electric car without having to worry about external chargers. (Courtesy of/Nissan)

Nissan's Safety Shield System, meanwhile, allows drivers to commute worry-free. The system comprises an Intelligent Forward Collision Warning technology, along with the first Intelligent Emergency Braking system in its class. The intelligent Forward Collision Warning detects sudden movements of the cars in front of the EV to immediately warn drivers that they could potentially hit the car in front of them.

Meanwhile, the Intelligent Emergency Braking feature will automatically put on the car's brakes during emergency situations when the potential for collision has increased.

The car also features another sophisticated technology that is the first in its class: Intelligent Cruise Control. This helps the vehicle to automatically keep itself within a safe distance and speed from the vehicle in front of it. Activating the system can help reduce driver exhaustion during long trips.

Furthermore, the new EV also boasts Nissan’s other sophisticated technology to enhance commuters’ driving experience, such as Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Intelligent Trace Control and Hill Start Assist.

The all-new innovative SUV also boasts Nissan’s famous signature design: a distinctive V-motion grille, futuristic LED front lights with the unique Kicks logo, a two-tone exterior color design and 17-inch rims – all of which give the car a modern and classy feel.

Four exterior colors are also available: including two dual-tone color options – Monarch Orange and Black as well as Storm White and Black, along with two classical monotone options: Gun Metallic and Black Star.

The SUV also has a 175-millimeter-high ground clearance, suitable for various road types in Indonesia. The SUV also has a black sporty-looking, spacious cabin, leather-covered seats and a very high-capacity cabin (423 liters). The front seats have been equipped with zero gravity technology, designed to boost comfort and reduce exhaustion on long trips.

“The all-new Nissan Kicks e-POWER has been designed in a way that prioritizes the needs of Indonesia consumers. The e-POWER system, one-pedal operation and various sophisticated features have been carefully chosen to cater to the needs of EV drivers in Indonesia,” Sekiguchi said.

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