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Indonesian tea masters to compete for international title

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Jakarta  /  Sat, August 3, 2019  /  05:09 pm
Indonesian tea masters to compete for international title

Tea Masters Cup Indonesia aims to revive local tea culture and highlight Indonesian tea varieties. (Shutterstock/Natalia Klenova )

Othniel Giovanni and Vikra Cakrajati, the winners of the Tea Masters Cup Indonesia will compete at the world finals of the Tea Masters Cup, slated for the end of this year.


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As the name implies, the Tea Masters Cup is an international tournament for tea masters. First held in 2013, more than 20 countries take part in the Tea Masters Cup system.

In Indonesia, the event was first held on July 24-25 at JIExpo Kemayoran in Central Jakarta.

According to Antara news agency 15 local tea makers competed in the first installment of the Tea Masters Cup Indonesia.

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Aiming to revive local tea culture and highlight Indonesian tea varieties, the competition featured three categories, namely Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing and Tea Mixology.

Othniel was named the winner in the Tea Preparation and Tea Pairing categories. Meanwhile, Vikra came on top in the Tea Mixology category.

For the world finals of the Tea Masters Cup both Othniel and Vikra have been asked to make drinks from Indonesian teas.

Indonesian tea expert Oza Sudewo, one of the judges at the Tea Masters Cup Indonesia, said the committee wanted to introduce Indonesian tea to an international audience. (jes/kes)