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Eko Supriyanto’s dance explores shared history

Sebastian Partogi

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, February 17, 2020  /  11:55 am
Eko Supriyanto’s dance explores shared history

Shared history: The performance features six non-professional dancers from East Nusa Tenggara and Timor Leste. The peoples of these regions once lived alongside one another, but are now divided along national lines. (Courtesy of Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya/-)

Indonesian choreographer and dancer Eko Supriyanto has been consistent in his creative pursuit of exploring the dance forms of peoples living in the eastern parts of Indonesia for the past several years. His choreography series has included the Trilogy of Jailolo, inspired by his experience and immersion working together with the people of Jailolo in West Halmahera, North Maluku, comprising Cry Jailolo (2014-2015), Balabala (2016) and Salt (2017). Now, as a result of a process that took about a year and four months, Eko is exploring new frontiers, highlighting the likurai dance tradition in Belu, West Nusa Tenggara, which also embodies some shared heritage with neighboring nation Timor Leste. Body’s rhythm: The dancers create music not just with the 'tihar' percussion instrument but also by beating their chests and legs, all th...