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Muslim fashion fest goes green, takes journey to the East

Josa Lukman

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, February 27, 2020  /  01:40 pm
Muslim fashion fest goes green, takes journey to the East

Into history: Designer Agus Sunandar showcased ethnic-inspired designs based on the visual culture of Sampang, East Java. (Courtesy of MUFFEST/-)

Long hemlines and A-line silhouettes remain the bread and butter of Muslim fashion everywhere, but the Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST), in its fifth edition this year, gave the Muslim fashion world something new. Nearly 55,000 visitors descended upon the Jakarta Convention Center, which hosted the event, bringing with them transactions valued at Rp 43.7 billion (US$3.15 million). Here are some of the highlights of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber’s fashion extravaganza, which wrapped up its four-day run on Feb. 23. JOURNEY TO THE EAST Taking inspiration from other cultures is nothing out of the ordinary in the fashion industry, as many designers and regular observers can attest. At this year’s fashion festival, many of the designers and labels looked to Asian influences to inspire their latest collections, from the streamlined cuts of Japan to the intricate pat...