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Sobat Budaya extends Datathon 3.0 to compile cultural data

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, May 19, 2018  /  07:09 pm
Sobat Budaya extends Datathon 3.0 to compile cultural data

Sobat Budaya is compiling data on Indonesia's cultural diversity, including the famous 'rendang' (pictured above) from West Sumatra. (Shutterstock/-)

Cultural preservation platform Sobat Budaya has announced its goal of compiling 3,000 units of digital data on Indonesian culture for their Perpustakaan Digital Budaya Indonesia (PDBI), or Indonesian culture digital library.

Sobat Budaya believes that the diverse Indonesian culture could be at risk if no mechanism supported its preservation and protection.

The foundation encourages the public, especially those of younger generations, to acknowledge their cultural origins and submit information about them to the Sobat Budaya website ( under its Gerakan Sejuta Data Budaya (GDSB), or "a million data on culture movement").

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So far, the movement has amassed over 40,000 individual units of data in the digital library, including more than 6,000 units of data on textile patterns and more than 14,000 units on indigenous cuisines.

On May 15, the group held a public forum at Central Jakarta's YAI Persada Indonesia University. One of the forum's activities was the Datathon 3.0, a marathon event for collecting cultural data.

However, the Datathon 3.0 failed to reach their target of 3,000 units of data, gathering a mere 543 units. “Sobat Budaya will extend the Datathon 3.0 to 8:05 p.m. on National Awakening Day [May 20] to reach the target,” Sobat Budaya head Nicki Ria Azizman told the Post in a written statement.

Those interested in participating in Datathon 3.0 are encouraged to create an account on the Sobat Budaya website and contribute data using the provided form, filling in the fields for data title, category, cultural element, province, origin and description/source, and uploading a photograph. (wir/wng)