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Reflecting on life through Park Na Hoon’s dances

A. Kurniawan Ulung

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Tue, July 16, 2019  /  05:52 pm
Reflecting on life through Park Na Hoon’s dances

Burdensome: Three South Korean dancers – Park Sang Jun, Moon Hyung Soo, and Kim Kyu Won – performed Park Na Hoon's creation titled ‘Three Airs’. (Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya )

For dancer-choreographer Park Na Hoon, life is hard. All good things are difficult to achieve, but bad things are very easy to get. Therefore, he is often confused when it comes to making a decision as if he is stuck at a crossroads. “Where should I go?” he asks. “To the right or to the left?”  Hoon asked the audience those questions several times during his performance of The Two Doors at Komunitas Salihara arts center in South Jakarta on a Saturday evening. Hoon is an award-winning South Korean choreographer who has performed in many countries, such as China, Japan, Germany, Russia and Brazil. He recently took part in the ARI Project: Performing Arts at the Korean Traditional Dance and Music Festival in Los Angeles, the United States.   He performed the contemplative creation The Two Doors in Berlin before staging it in Jakarta...