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'Yummy' media launches 1st online cooking event, Indonesia Memasak

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Jakarta  /  Fri, November 20, 2020  /  02:50 pm
'Yummy' media launches 1st online cooking event, Indonesia Memasak

The "Indonesia Memasak by Yummy" event, the first online cooking event by digital media 'Yummy', will run cooking classes, discussions, bazaars and other activities featuring a host of Indonesian culinary celebrities and writers. (

Food-focused digital media Yummy is holding its inaugural online culinary and cooking event, “Indonesia Memasak (Indonesia Cooks) by Yummy”, featuring renowned chefs and other culinary figures from Dec. 1 to 31.

Indonesia Memasak is presenting a wide range of programs, such as online cooking classes, talk shows, workshops, online bazaars and entertainment.

Open to the public at no charge, “Indonesia Memasak by Yummy” has a lineup of culinary celebrities like chef and food expert William Wongso, cofounder and executive chef Max Mandias of  Burgreens and owner and executive chef Mandif Warokka of Teatro Gastroteque Bali. It also features culinary storyteller and cofounder Ade Putri of Beergembira, culinary content creator Natasha Halim of Chubby Traveler, food writer Kevindra Soemantri and cooking show host Martin Praja.


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Yummy, which is part of multiplatform media company IDN Media, aims to target and inspire Indonesia’s millennial and Generation Z readers. The Yummy app is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.

IDN Media CEO Winston Utomo said that the country’s rich culinary scene had inspired the events team to come up with “Indonesia Memasak”.

“We hope that this event can be enjoyed by people in Indonesia from Aceh to Papua. We also hope that this event can inspire or be a platform for preserving Indonesia’s culinary tradition,” he said in a statement. (wir/wng)